János Bálint
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Professor at Hochshule fuer Musik (Detmold)
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Maesta 14K Gold, w/18K Gold Vivo headjoint

János Bálint flutist was born in 1961 in Hungary. He graduated from Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in 1984. After graduating he was given further education by András Adorján.He won many awards at international competitions at that time (Ancona, Leipzig). He was the solo flutist of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra between 1981 - 1991. Since 2000 he is a solo flutist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1986 he became a soloist of the Cziffra Foundation and his international career was started. He has performed at the most important European festivals and concert halls (London, Paris, Bratislava, Roma, Assisi, Moscow, Helsinki, Salzburg, Budapest). He has also performed in Israel and the United States. He has performed with partners like Ruggero Ricci, Gervase de Peyer, Pierre Pierlot, Miklos Perenyi, Alain Marion, Maxence Larrieu, Georges Cziffra, Tamás Vásáry, Zoltán Kocsis András Adorján, Ransom Wilson and Jean Claude Gerard and with ensembles and orchestras like the English Chamber Orchestra, the Radio Orchestra of Bratislava, "The European Soloists from Luxembourg" Chamber orchestras, Kodáy and Bartok Quartett and with the most important Hungarian symphony and chamber orchestras. He regularly makes radio and TV recordings and takes part in live concerts transmitted by the media. He has made recordings with the Nexos Hungarian Hungaroton (5 CD's) and with the German Capriccio company (12 CD's). Two of this CD's had a specially big success (transcriptions of Paganim and Mendelssohn concertos). New CD with Zoltán Kocsis - Schubert, C.Franck, Dvosor. He has regularly judged at important international flute and chamber music competitions (Hungary, Yugoslavia, USA, Itaia, Poland, Austria, Rumania, Japan). His publications are issued by the Accord Company. He is teaching at Accademia Flautistica (Imola) and Hochshule fuer Musik (Detmold). Now his students got 20 prizes by International Competitions. He does 8-10 master classes a year all over the world. He has a wide repertory (the whole flute literature) from baroque to contemporary including more than a thousand pieces. He performs about 100-120 pieces from this repertory a year. These pieces include concertos, pieces with orchestra, with strings, guitar, harp, piano and voice. To make this wide repertory richer he often makes transcriptions. Many contemporary composers have written pieces for him and he got awards for the interpretation of these pieces. In 1998 Artistic director - Auer Sommer Academy 1999 he established and become a president of Doppler Music Institute in Hungary.
Career history Education and training 1975-79 Conservatory at Szeged 1979-84 Franz Liszt Academy of Music at Budapest 1983 - 85 Masterclasses with András Adorján.
Competitions and awards: 1982 Prize winner Flute Competition Leipzig and Markneukirchen 1984 International Music Competiton Ancona Flute -1st prize Chamber music (Quintett) -1st prize 1986 Solo flutist of Georges Cziffra Foundation 1987 Bartók-Pásztory prize 1994 Artis Jus award for interpretation of contemporary music 2008 Franz Liszt-prize by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Hungary
Orchestral experience : 1981-1991 Solo flutist of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra 1990 Solo flutist of the „Pro Mondo Uno” World Orchestra 2000-2007 Principal Solo flutist of the Hungarian National Philharmony Orchestra
Pedagogical experience, teaching: 1990-2000 Flute professzor at Music College of University at Szeged 1994-2001 Professor at annual flute course at Rovigo 1996-1997 Professor of Franz Liszt Music Academy at Budapest 1998-2005 Artistic director of Auer Summer Academy of Music at Veszprém 2008- Director of Doppler Institute at Budapest 2001-2007 Professor at Academia Musicale of Imola in Italy 2003- Supervisor professor at Music Academy of Kragujevac, Serbia 2003- Professor at Hochschule für Musik Detmold in Germany 2009- 12 Professor of Franz Liszt Music Academy at Budapest 2014- Guestprofessor of Karol Szymanowski Music Academy at Katowice
Mastercourses: Sibellius Academy Helsinki-Finland, Musichochschule Wien-Austria Trinity College London Respighi Academy of Rome SuverArt Festival Suvereto-Italy Spectrum 87 Festival Diekirch-Luxembourg Allegro Vivo Festival Horn-Austria Ticino Musica Festival, Lugano-Switzerland Accademia di Taggia, Italy
Master classes: Passau University – Germany Novi-Sad, Kragujevac - Serbia, Turku - Finnland, Tokyo, Osaka -Japan ,Köln, Berlin , Stuttgart, Passau -Germany, Salzburg- Austria, Imola, Milano- Italy, Taipei-Taiwan, Katowice, Sieradz, Lodz, Cracow Poland…
Jury membership: at imporant internatiomal music competitions- USA, Japan, Italy Poland, Serbia, Slovenia Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Romania
Prizewinner students (between 1992-2015) 1992 Altamura Mercadante Competition 1st prize Sutyinszky Beáta 2nd prize Embey-Isztin Zsófia 1993 Riva del Garda Syrinx Competition 2nd prize Sutyinszky Beáta (there was no 1st prize) 1994 Roma Valentino Bucchi Competition 3rd prize Embey-Isztin Zsófia (there was no 1st prize) Special prize Ms Kunszeri Márta 1996 Prague International Music Competition 3rd prize Kramarics Katalin 1997 Viggiano Lorenzo Competition 1st prize Kramarics Katalin 1997 Roma Syrinx Competition 1st prize Varga Fruzsina 1997 Paris Chamber Music Competition 1st prize Quintett 1998 Paris Rampal Competition 2nd prize Szabó Rozália (there was no 1st prize) Special prize Kramarics Katalin 1998 Trapani Chamber Music Competition 3rd prize Quintett (there was no 1st prize) 1998 Tokyo Flute Competition 3rd prize Tohko Iwase 2002 Krakow –International Flute Comp. 1st prize Katalin Kramarics 2003 Napoli – International Young Flutist Competition 3rd prize Michela Caser 2004 Krakow- International Flute Comp. 4th Prize Izabela Czajkowska 5th Prize Vera Lang 6th Prize Maiko Ichiguro 2005 Beograd – Konjovic Young Flutist Competition 1st Prize Jagoda Sudujko
2007 Kuhlau International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Duo Category Katrien Lissens-Tobias Flügel 2008 Krakow – International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Anita Farkas 2009 Bonn – Deutsche Musikrath Wettbewerb Finalist Anna Klie 2009 Dabrowa Gornicza- International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Gabriele Bertolini 3rd Prize Yi-Hsien Liao
2009 Novi Sad- Eberst International Flute Competition 1st Prize Lívia Duleba 2nd Prize Gabriele Bertolini 3rd Prize Eszter Márfi 2009 Kuhlau International Flute Competition 1st Prize Flute Quartett- Detmold 2010 Wuppertal– Chamber Music Competition 2nd Prize Gabriele Bertolini 2010 Wroclaw –Polish National Flute Competition 1st Prize Wioletta Straczek 2010 ARD International Flute Competition Semifinalist Lívia Duleba Tímea Acsai 2011 Krakow – International Flute Competition 4th Prize Lívia Duleba 6th Prize Wioletta Straczek 2011 "Förderpreis Musik" der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Westfälischen Kulturarbe – Münster Anita Farkas
2011 Kuhlau International Flute Competition 1st Prize Lívia Duleba & Máté Bán 2011 Cluj Napoca International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Vanda Szabó 2011 Novi Sad –Ebers International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Máté Bán 2012 Dabrowa Gornicza- International Flute Competition 1st Prize Lívia Duleba 2nd Prize Vanda Szabó 3rd Prize Andre Cebrian Spezial Prize Iago Larino 2013 Kuhlau International Flute Competition 2nd Prize Verena Schulte 2013 Lodz International Chamber Music Competition 4th Prize Lívia Duleba-Ah-Ruem Ahn 2013 Gazzeloni International Flute Competition 3rd Prize Carmineluigi Amabile 2014 Krakow-International Flute Competition 1st and Spezial Prize Lívia Duleba 2014 Bucharest Jeunesses International Music Competition 1st Prize Carmineluigi Amabile 2014 Brno- Janacek International Flute Competition 3rd Prize Vanda Szabó 2014 Nicolet International Flute Competition China 2nd Prize Lívia Duleba(without 1st Prize) 4th Prize Mattia Petrilli 2015 Aversa- Cimaresa Internat. Flute Comp.,Italy 1st Prize Carmineluigi Amabile
Capriccio company ( Germany ) 10498 Historie du Tango fl. and git. 10735 Carulli: Double concert 10530 Salieri: Double concert 10584 Holst: Fugal Concerto 10505 Barber: Capricorn Concerto 10757 Original transcriptions for fl. and git. 10509 J. Chr. Bach: Sinfonie concertanti vol. 1. 10747 vol. 2. 10772 vol. 3. 10811 vol. 4. 10748 Miniaturs for flute and harp 10831 Carnevale di Venezia (flutes and chamber orchestra)
Hungaroton company (Hungary) 31481 Mendelssohn violin concertos (flute version) 31661 Vivaldi: Four seasons Paganini : B-minor concerto ( flute version ) 31671 Madarász Iván: Concerto in F(L)A 32051 Flute Pearls 32280 Dvorák: Sonatina in G major Schubert: Introduction and Variations on „Trocken Blumen” Cesar Frank: Sonata in A major