Ivanna Ternay
Artist's Title
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
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Maesta 18K Gold, w/Forte headjoint
Ivanna Ternay was born in 1983 in Kiev / Ukraine. She studied Irmela Bossler and Cornelia Grohmann at "Hochschule fur Musik und Theater" Leipzig. After she studied with Davide Formisano at Musikhochschule Stuttgart where she graduated in 2008 "Cum Laude". Till 2010 she studies with Professor Formisano in Stuttgart.
During her study she attempted master classes with Jean-Claude Gérard, James Galway, Jeanne Baxtresser, Maxence Larrieu, Andrea Lieberknecht, Renate Greiss-Armin, Gaby Pas van Riet, Dieter Flury, Carol Wincenc, Henrik Wiese und Carine Levine.
She has played in several orchestras, like Staatliches Kammerorchester Kiev, Kammerphilharmonie "Felix M." Leipzig, Bruckner Sinfonie Orchester Stuttgart Stadttheater Pforzheim and Stuttgarter Kammerorchester.
Ivanna is prize winner of several National and International competitions like International Flute Competition in Haifa / Israel, International Flute Competition Moscow, International Louis Price Competition Leipzig, Flute Competition Kiev and Chamber Musik Competition Leipzig.
2006-2009, she was a member of "Villa Musika" where she played with Jean-Claude Gerard, Dag Jensen and Ingo Goritsky. She received also scholarships from DAAD and "Alfred Toepfer Stiftund"
Since 2009, Ivanna is solo flutist of the Bamberger Symphoniker.