Handmade Craftsmanship

Pearl's handmade craftsmanship has pioneered a tradition of flute making that is totally distinctive. Many flute makers claim to be innovators,but Pearl's novelty can be proven. Most of the artisans have the distinction of building flutes for their entire career only at Pearl. The appren-tice program has been employed for decades, which allows the talents of master builders to be passed on to future generations. We do not only look to the past, but constantly conduct research with Gold, Silver, ergonomic key design, and headjoint study.

Start with Pearl's patented Pinless Mechanism, which has set an industry benchmark for smoothness and reliability. Coupled with Pearl's One-Piece Core-Bar Construction, there is no more dependable flute mechanism available.

Japanese Quality Control has insured that an investment in these instruments will provide a lifetime of musical satisfaction. The goal of hand-made creativity united with meticulous assembly is consequently realized. All of the above would be useless without Pearl's revered commitment to accuracy of pitch, flexible articulation, and a beautiful and projecting sound.

Hand Manufacturing