Elizabeth Walker
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Cantabile CD925RBE/CGP

Elizabeth Walker performs regularly on baroque, 8 keyed and modern flutes, primarily in orchestras based in the UK, and has given solo recitals in festivals and conventions in Holland, Toronto, Chicago and Orlando, Switzerland and throughout the UK. She teaches at the specialist music school in Wells and runs an annual flute course in Tuscany ( which offers tuition, masterclasses and chamber groups to talented young flautists and adults.

She has arranged and recorded music for flute and piano, including her highly successful ‘Four Strauss songs’ published at Alry Publications; and has written two award winning study books, ‘Baroque Flute Studies’ (Winner – Best Flute Method NFA 2015) and ‘Baroque Studies for Modern Flute’ (Winner – Best Flute Method NFA 2017) available from

Elizabeth has recorded the Telemann 12 Fantasias “…if you like her sound as much as I do, you will want to listen to …Elizabeth’s recent recording of Telemann Fantasias… over and over again”.BRTISH FLUTE SOCIETY Journal – PAN and the Flute Sonatas by J.S. Bach for Quartz Music and Schubert’s works for flute and piano for the record label Devine Music using her original Louis Lot flute, no 435, coupled with Chopin's Pleyel piano dating from 1848.


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