Tohko Iwase
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Maesta 14K Gold

Graduated Tokyo College of Music and post graduate course. Won 1st prize in The 45th Nihon Music competition, Nagoya area. Played with Nagoya philharmonic Orchestra at Japan Federation of Musicians freshman's concert Won 3rd prize in the 67th Nihon Music competition. Performed in NHK recital concert. Won 2nd prize in the 15th International Music Competition "Franz Schubert"(Italy) Flute solo division(without 1st prize), 2nd prize in the Flute&Piano division and 3rd prize in the Flute concerto division. Won 1st prize in The 6th International flute competition Timisoara(Rumania) as well as the modern music award. In her first solo concert in October 2003, there were many words of praise to her perfomance.