Rhonda Larson
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...Once every generation there comes along a transformative force that breaks all the industry rules. Larson wields her instrument like a blow torch, breaking down our Victorian preconceptions of what the classical flute should be, how it should sound and where it should take us... This intensely gifted flutist needed little more than her native Montana charm to win the hearts of the packed house..." raves Connecticut's VOICES review of "THE RHONDA LARSON BAND" in concert. Flutist James Galway said of Rhonda, "...she's one of the best---a great player---and she does her own thing."
Entering the national music scene as a classical flutist, Rhonda Larson won first place in the National Flute Association's Young Artist Competition in 1985, and was awarded a Carnegie Hall debut. Shortly thereafter, Rhonda joined forces with the Paul Winter Consort, crossing over into the World Music genre. She has toured in Russia, Asia, Europe, Central America and throughout North America. Rhonda won a Grammy Award for the "SPANISH ANGEL" release, recorded live in Spain with the Consort. Rhonda officially parted from the group at that time to embark on her individual music path.
Commencing Larson's solo musical pursuits, she released "FREE AS A BIRD" on Earth Sea Records, receiving world-wide critical acclaim. The recording is marked by a marriage of Rhonda's classical heritage to the traditions of jazz, celtic, ethnic, and sacred music. Larson's unique blend of genres, combined with her musical and technical wizardry, has begun a new generation for the flute as a leading voice in the music world. A review from the New York convention of the National Flute Association affirmed, "...her technical abilities are astoundingly advanced! She does something that sounds like she is playing chords on the flute...she's destined to be a mega star..."
Rhonda has not only established herself as a virtuoso performer, but as a foremost ethnic flutist encompassing traditions from around the world. Most recently, Larson traveled to South Africa as a musical ambassador for the United States to perform for the Parliament of the World's Religions, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.
Composing much of her own repertoire, Larson continues to be recognized as a visionary force, creating a refreshing hybrid music for the flute. In the pioneering spirit of her home state of Montana, Rhonda continues to blaze her own trails...
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