Pearl Flute Ensemble Korea

Pearl Flute Ensemble Korea, founded in 2022 by flutist Kim Sung-Jin and comprised of musicians specializing in the flute, including her disciples from both domestic and international backgrounds. Supported by Pearl Flute in Japan and Cosmos Corporation in South Korea, the ensemble actively engages in vibrant musical activities. Since its foundation, Pearl Flute Ensemble Korea has been hosting biannual regular concerts, charity concerts, and invitation concerts. Embracing various genres such as classical, pop, jazz, and traditional Korean music, the ensemble captivates audiences with the unique charm of the flute, reaching out to engage and connect with diverse audiences.


김성진 Sungjin Kim - Music Director & Conductor
전상진 Sangjin Jeon - Assistant Director
김승희 Seunghee Kim - Concert Master
최영신 Youngsin Choi - 1st Principal
이대로 Daero Lee - 2nd Principal
강인규 Inkyu Kang
고우리 Woori Ko
권다루 Daroo Kwon
김영란 Youngran Kim
김우영 Wooyoung Kim
박계숙 Kyesook Park
박효선 Hyoseon Park
방재경 Jaekyeong Bang
배문희 Moonhee Bae
서세라 Sera Seo
손주희 Juhee Son
송보경 Bogyeng Song
신미란 Miran Shin
신아진 Ajin Shin
안미여 Miyeo Ahn
유한샘 Hansaem Yu
윤서영 Seoyoung Yoon
윤해빈 Haebeen Yoon
이성희 Sunghee Lee
이안아 Anah Lee
이정아 Jeonga Lee
장지은 Jeeeun Chang
전새미 Saemi Jeon
전은희 Eunhee Jeon
정하은 Haeun Jeong
조기쁨 Gippeum Jo
조수형 Suhyoung Cho
김학권 Hakkwon Kim