Ludivine Issambourg
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Cantabile Sterling Silver w/Champagne Gold Plating



A versatile flutist with an international reputation. 

Alongside her classical studies, Ludivine found interest in jazz and improvisation at the dawn of her musical journey. In 2007, she won the first national jazz flute competition organised by Magic Malik. The same year, Wax Tailor invited her to join his band, for a five years international tour. She also played on the album 'Fantastic Planet' by La Fine Équipe, as well as on 'Crown Yard' by the English hip-hop band. A State of Mind (ASM) and toured with them throughout Europe. 

More than a musician, Ludivine Issambourg is an accomplished teacher. She was the first French flutist to graduate with a national jazz diploma in 2011. 

A year later, Ludivine founded the Antiloops project, with which she won the Sunset trophies and toured throughout France. The flutist then produced her first album 'Electroshock', followed by 'Electroshock Remixed' and 'Lucid Dreams'. In 2019, Ludivine was invited by Catherine Ringer and Angélique Kidjo to perform a cover of Jacques Dutronc’s song 'Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille'. Early 2020, Ludivine payed tribute to Hubert Laws with her 4th album 'Outlaws', featuring the greatest musicians of the current french jazz scene and exploring the 70’s musical influence. 

Pearl Flute is no stranger to Ludivine Issambourg. Indeed, the musician has come across Pearl Flute several times during her career. In fact, she owned a student flute, played on an alto flute and recently acquired an ebony head piccolo. Pearl Flute is pleased to welcome a renowned ambassador in the name of Ludivine Issambourg. She is now playing a Cantabile series flute, handmade in Japan, with head, body, footjoint and mechanism in solid .925 silver and Gold Champagne plated. A unique flute for a unique musician. 

Ludivine Issambourg : "I am delighted to be part of the Pearl Flute family and to represent this prestigious brand and its unique craftmanship. My new flute is a wonderful instrument and I really enjoy playing it, with its incredible sound consistency, technical reliability and remarkable power".