Hera Chih-Chi Hsu
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Philharmonia Moments Musicaux
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Maesta 18K Gold, w/Vivo headjoint



Flutist and Piccoloist Chih-Chi Hsu

Chih-Chi Hsu, graduated from the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz with Master of Arts degree in music, specializing in flute. In 2018, she also obtained a Postgraduate University Course in Instrumental Studies - Advanced Studies (post-master) diploma in Flute Performance with distinction (mit Auszeichnung) from the same school.
She has studied flute under the instructions of O.Univ.Prof. Nils Thilo Krämer, Prof. János Bálint, Ya-Ju Shih, and Jen-Pin Lin. She also mastered piccolo technique from Prof. Raphael Leone, the former flutist and piccoloist of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
In 2016, Chih-Chi participated in the V. Severino Gazzelloni International Piccolo Competition in Roccasecca Italy, and won the second prize.

Next year, she was invited to the International Flute and Piccolo Festival in Italy. In the same year, she was again invited to Gorizia Italy to play in the IV. International Piccolo Festival as a soloist, and was highly praised by the audience and the masters.
In 2014 and 2015, she was invited to the Collegium Musicum - Schloß Pommersfelden International Summer Academy in Germany with top musicians in Europe that were selected after tough auditions.

Played some of the most famous pieces as the principal flutist. Such as Scheherazade by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, The Carnival of the Animals by C.C.
Saint-Saëns and Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orpheus and Eurydice by C. W. Gluck, etc. She also played in a concerto with the Sinfonisches Blasorchester der KUG at the Minoritensaal in Graz, Austria, W. A. as a soloist.In 2013, Chih-Chi became a soloist of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation “Live Music Now”.

She shared her musical programmes and moments with elderly or sick people and people with special needs.
Apart from her studies, Chih-Chi had won many awards in the National Student Competition of Music; as a diligent student and an excellent flutist, she had led the flute/piccolo division as principal flutist in the university orchestra many times. Chih-Chi has also attended workshops and masterclasses with world-famous flutists, such as Gary Schocker, Davide Formisano, Jean-Claude Gérard, Rachel Brown, and Derek Jones.


長笛家、短笛家 許芷綺
10 歲開始學習長笛,曾師事 O.Univ.Prof. Nils Thilo Krämer、 Prof. János Bálint、石雅如老師、林仁斌老師。2014年開始學習短笛,師事前維也納交響樂團短笛家Prof. Raphael Leone。
在台期間曾多次在全國學生音樂比賽獲得名次。在奧地利就學期間,因吹奏能力出色,受到教授們和指揮的愛戴,多次擔任長笛首席參與學校管弦樂團、歌劇演出。曾受過Gary Schocker、Davide Formisano、Jean-Claude Gérard、Rachel Brown、Derek Jones等大師的個別指導。
2016年榮獲義大利羅卡塞卡Roccasecca第五屆嘉賽洛尼Severino Gazzelloni國際短笛大賽第二名,並於隔年受邀至義大利國際長笛短笛慶典演出。同年亦於義大利戈里齊亞Gorizia的第四屆國際短笛節中獨奏演出,獲得觀眾與大師們的大力讚賞。
2014至2015年間,受邀與來自歐洲各國徵選的青年音樂家至德國波默斯菲爾登Collegium musicum - Schloß Pommersfelden Internationale Sommer-Akademie學院參加音樂營盛會演出,期間擔任長笛首席演出多首名曲,如:林姆斯基-高沙可夫的天方夜譚、聖桑的動物狂歡節、葛路克的奧菲歐與尤莉蒂絲…等。也與格拉茲歌劇院合作演出聖誕歌劇《阿瑪與夜訪者》。
2013 年成為耶胡迪∙曼紐因 Yehudi Menuhin 創辦為弱勢族群演出計畫“Live Music Now”的獨奏家之一。