The Highest Quality Intermediate and Step-Up Flute Available.

The Quantz Series embodies ingenuity, innovation, and diversity, and that is totally unique in the flute making industry.
Every Quantz model has French pointed arms, a feature once considered solely the domain of handmade flutes. Pearl provides this upgraded feature right across our range along with our Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar Construction. The ingenious yet simple design affords even the student or amateur player with an exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism – another industry first. Aspiring flute players have never been so fortunate.


.925 Silver Headjoint, Body and Footjoint, Silver plated Mechanism, B-foot, off-set, E-mechanism


.925 Silver Headjoint, Silver plated Body, Footjoint and Mechanism, B-foot, off-set, E-mechanism


.925 Silver Lip-plate&Riser, Silver plated Headjoint, Body and Mechanism, C-foot, Off-set, E-mechanism


Silver plated Headjoint, Body and Mechanism, Off-set E-mechanism


Silver Plated Headjoint, Body, Footjoint and Mechanism C-foot, Off-set

French Pointed Arms

Every Pearl Flute from the novice model to our Professional line, has French Pointed arms - an industry first.

The Headjoints

Three styles of headjoints, Largo,Brezza, and Forza are available for Quantz series.The Largo headjoint offers a traditional response, with a melodious and sweet character. Free-blowing with generous tone, perfect headjoint cut for the beginner player. The Brezza cut is the newest addition to the Quantz series and offers a more refined sound with sharper articulation and fullness of sound throughout the flute range. The Forza headjoint has a more sophisticated cut suitable for more advanced players, enabling superior
projection, increased dynamic spectrum, unrivalled clarity of articulation and dazzling rich tone.

Pearl’s exclusive mechanism

In 1972, Pearl’s innovative technicians created the patented One-Piece Core-Bar and Pinless Construction, and Pearl’s continually smooth key-action became a reality. Since that time, Pearl is still the only flute manufacturer to apply these features on every flute made.


.925 Silver
Nickel Silver
765 series

.925 Silver Headjoint, Body and Footjoint, Silver plated Mechanism

665 series

.925 Silver Headjoint, Silver plated Body, Footjoint and Mechanism

525 series

.925 Silver Lip-plate and Riser, Silver plated Headjoint, Body, Footjoint and Mechanism

505 series

Silver plated


Silver plated 


Model Key Style Footjoint E-mechanism G-Key
765R-1R Ring C-foot - inline
765E-1R Covered C-foot yes offset
765RE-1R Ring C-foot yes offset
765RBE-1RB Ring B-foot yes offset
765RB-1RB Ring B-foot - inline
765BE-1RB Covered B-foot yes offset
665R-1R Ring C-foot - inline
665E-1R Covered C-foot yes offset
665RE-1R Ring C-foot yes offset
665RBE-1RB Ring B-foot yes offset
665RB-1RB Ring B-foot - inline
665BE-1RB Covered B-foot yes offset
525R-1R Ring C-foot - inline
525E-1R Covered C-foot yes offset
525RE-1R Ring C-foot yes offset
525RBE-1RB Ring B-foot yes offset
525RB-1RB Ring B-foot - inline
525BE-1RB Covered B-foot yes offset
505R-1R Ring C-foot - inline
505E-1R Covered C-foot yes offset
505RE-1R Ring C-foot yes offset
505RBE-1RB Ring B-foot yes offset
505RB-1RB Ring B-foot - inline
505BE-1RB Covered B-foot yes offset
500 Covered C-foot - offset